Baby Girl Names That Start With W

There are lots of beautiful girl names that start with w, which will be perfect for your little princess.

The task of choosing a name that another human will carry for the rest of their life should be treated with the sanctity it deserves.

Choosing names that start with a particular letter make the process easier and less confusing. Scroll down our carefully selected list and have a happy name-shopping.

A girl with a name that starts with W

Female Names That Start With W


The name ‘Willow’ is unique and meaningful. Willow Smith, Will Smith’s daughter, must be the most famous Willow in the world right now. With her talent, brilliance, and confidence, she’s a worthy namesake for your little girl.

In nature, a willow tree signifies stability, strength, and fertility. Willow is our first pick for names starting with w.


The moniker ‘Wendy’ is an English origin name that means ‘friendly or blessed ring.’ This meaning may have been derived from the novel Peter Pan.

Wendy is also an Anglicized version of the name Gwendolyn. This will be perfect for you if you are looking for a bi-syllabic name.


Winola is one of the baby girl names that start with w that is of German origin. Winola means ‘charming friend or gracious friend.’

This will be a winner if you’re searching for a three syllable girl’s name.


Wren is a beautiful name that’s simple and sweet. Majorly an English name, Wren means ‘small bird.’

This name is a wonderful choice for the parents who may be seeking a name that resonates with nature.

I bet you can picture her in future telling people, “My name is Wren with a W.”

Winter / Wynter

Winter is perfect for the baby born when the fields are white. The moniker means ‘born in winter.’ Spell the name with a ‘y’ instead of ‘I’ to make it more interesting.

It may be cold outside when she’s born, but your hearts will be oh-so-warm.


Wilma is a name that boasts of different origins. It’s a German, Swedish, and Scottish name that means ‘unwavering protection.’

Wilma is among the girl names that start with w that are meant for a strong girl.

Do you wish to bring up a strong and protective young lady? Speak your vision in her name.

Unique Girl Names That Start With W


Wanita means ‘God is gracious.’ It’s a Spanish origin name that is slowly gaining popularity. Wanita is a variant of the name Juanita.


Wylde means ‘to strive.’ German names are getting more common now.  Wylde is one of the girl names that start with a ‘w’ that I find adorable.


Wendo is a native Kenyan Bantu name that means ‘love.’ Wendo is perfect for the parents who want to get out of the typical naming box.


Wandile is a common Zulu name for girls that means ‘abundance, multiplied, extra.’ The moniker Wandile could be used as a way to express gratitude for the abundant blessings of a baby girl.


Winry is a diminutive of the name Winfred. Winfred is a welsh name that means ‘blessed or reconciled.’

Winry was popularized by the TV show Fullmetal Alchemist, and it depicts a strong-willed girl who is a go-getter.


The name Whitney never grows old. It is as timeless as Whitney Houston herself, who lives on through her music.

Whitney is a name of English origin that means ‘from a white island.’

And wouldn’t it be wonderful to name your princess after a legend?


Winnie is a shortened form of a myriad of names.

Winfred, Winnifred, Gwendolyn, Edwina, Guinevere, and Gwyneth are Welsh names that are all shortened to Winnie. 

The moniker’s meaning is ‘a fair one; white and smooth; soft or happiness.’

Winnie is a name that starts with w for a girl who just wants things simple and straightforward.

Names That Start With W For A Girl


Did Black Panther inspire you much? It turns out you’re not alone. The name Wakanda is of native American origin, and it means ‘depict magical powers.’

Wakanda is also a name for God among the native Indian people. It depicts indestructible power.


I schooled with a Wesley who was a girl. I was baffled since I always imagined all Wesleys are boys. But Wesley is also one of the girls’ names that start with ‘w’ that is of English origin. The name Wesley means ‘western meadow.’

If the scans were wrong and you have a little prince instead, you can still keep the name.


There have been many girls’ names that start with ‘w’ that are of German origin in this list today. Willamina is one of them.

Willamina is a German name that means protection. It’s a derivative of an old German name, Wilhemina’.


This name’s meaning can be traced to either Greek or Polish. In Greek, the name means ‘victory bringer’ while the polish meaning is ‘true image.’ Both are pretty beautiful meanings.

Weronika is also an alternative to the name veronica.


This name is of Polish origin, and it’s common in polish speaking countries. Wiktoria is a variation of the name Victoia. Wiktoria means ‘victor, a conqueror.’


Last on our list of girl names starting with w is a name that means ‘firstborn daughter.’ The name Wynona is a Sioux, native American origin name that can be used for parents who are expecting their first baby girl.

Wynona is a unique three-syllable word fit for the first fruits of your womb.

A Name In Any Letters Is Just As Sweet

When it comes to naming, all the letters of the alphabet are equal. This list is for those times you just want a specific letter for your child. And names starting with w are unique.

It may be that you want to continue a family trend or just want to rhyme your kids’ names. If that letter for you is w, begin and end your search on this comprehensive list of girl names that start with w.