How To Get Rid Of Mommy Pooch

Is your tummy flabby and loose after delivery? Are you agonizing about how to get rid of mommy pooch?

You may have tried all the weight loss programs in the book. Some have worked to get rid of some baby fat, but why won’t this overhang go away?  Well, the good news is you’re asking for yourself and a thousand other new moms.

It’s good to point out as we begin that it is not possible to get rid of fat from only one part of your body. For you to tone your body and especially your tummy, you will have to employ all-around lifestyle change.

How to lose mommy tummy

Belly fat is stubborn. Getting your tummy flat and taut again will take time and patience.

Remember the belly fat is the accumulation of 9 months of baby baking. The secret to lasting results is to not go for quick fixes.

Here are some tried and tested tips to take you back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Adopt the right exercises

Once you are healed, and your body can take it, start exercising. The time you take before you can start exercising will depend on your delivery process.

For the moms who went through C-section, you might need to wait a little longer before you can start any strenuous exercising.

All moms regardless of the mode of delivery, need to get clearance from the doctor to start exercising. Do not over-exert yourself. Instead, focus on the exercises that will burn fat most.

Safe exercises to get rid of mommy belly

Cardio exercises

Unless your doctor has allowed it, don’t run yet. Instead, take a brisk walk around your estate block or on a nature trail near you.

You can practice baby-wearing or just use this time as mommy’s time to unwind and get back to factory settings.  

Any physical activity burns fat in the body, regardless of where it is. Fat on the bum and stomach generally burns last; therefore, consistency is key.

How to get rid of mommy pouch at home

Here are some more simple exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home.

Seated Ab twists

This exercise needs a mat. You’ll need to support your weight on your hands. With the hands behind you, behind you slowly twist your lower body to the right side as far as you can. Your upper body should stay still.

Rotate your body it to the other side while maintaining control and repeat.


Mountain Climbers

‘Mountain climbers’ is an awesome exercise for the woman wondering how to lose the pregnancy pouch.

Position yourself in a way that your arms are straight on the floor and right beneath your torso. Ensure that your body is horizontal and parallel to the floor.   

Lifting your right foot, elevate your knee and try as much as you can to touch your chest. Put the foot back and do the same with the other foot. Do this at a walking pace 10 times or more if you can.

Reverse crunches

For normal crunches lift the torso while the lower body stays down. Reverse crunches will involve lifting the lower body towards the torso.

While lying down on a mat, put your legs together and straight with your arms on the floor. Slowly lift your lower body until your bum is off the floor and your knees are touching your chest. Hold for a few seconds and then repeat. 

The important thing with exercising is to keep moving. Movement burns calories and when calories are burned, body fat disappears. Even 30 minutes of exercise daily or 4 days a week is sufficient.

How to get rid of pregnancy pooch with diet

The eating-for-two lie may have followed you beyond the pregnancy, and it’s now showing on your tummy.

New moms are encouraged to eat all they can to aid milk production. However, when it comes to milk production, eating smart is the secret.

Let your diet be majorly composed of foods that will boost your milk production without necessarily making you fatter.

Eat whole grains and seeds such as flax seeds, chia seeds, and fenugreek seeds. These complex carbohydrates keep you fuller for longer.

Cut back on sugar and alcohol: If you’re breastfeeding, alcohol is already out of the picture. Eliminate simple carbohydrates and sugars such as those found in confectionery and soft drinks.

Avoid processed foods, wheat, and fried foods.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are naturally low in fat and calories. They also make you feel fuller as they add volume to your dishes.

Dark green vegetables like kale, spinach, and broccoli are rich in calcium. They are also very good for milk production if your baby is still nursing.  

Keep away from red meat and eat fish instead.

Drink, drink, and then drink some more. I’m talking about water, mamma. For anyone searching for how to lose the pregnancy pouch, water should be your BFF. Water keeps you hydrated and gets rid of toxins in your body.

Water will also reduce bloating, making your pouch look smaller than it probably is.

Shape it until you make it

Who says you have to look shabby because you got yourself a mommy pouch? Before the overhang disappears and you rock that bikini again, get yourself a shape-wear.

A body shaper will keep your skin tight as you lose the belly fat. It also compresses your tummy, causing you to eat less. Seeing your dream body in a body-shaper will motivate you to work hard for a flatter tummy.


The best answer on how to get rid of mommy pooch is: stay healthy.

One thing that still baffles me about pregnancy is just how elastic the human skin is. I mean, our skin can stretch for an eternity. 

If you are like me and you still have baby fat while the ‘baby’ is in kindergarten, this is for you. Here’s to healthy bodies and flat tummies.