Vintage Boy Names That Have Made A Comeback

The naming of baby boys has gone full circle, and vintage boy names are now the in-thing. The giving of names is a fashion in itself. And like fashion, the old styles make a comeback every cycle of years. 

As is to be expected, some of the names may have gotten lost along the cycle. Some may have come back with a slight twist, while others never left the naming scene. Have you met a baby called Clarence lately?

If you’re looking for classic baby boy names with a twist, we have burrowed under the gold mines of old boy names, and here are the best of them all. 

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Vintage Boy Names You Don’t Hear Anymore


Here’s another way to show some love to the good old Arnold Schwarzenegger. But even if you don’t care so much for the Austrian-American actor, the name Arnold is a beautiful vintage moniker for a cute little boy. 

Arnold means ‘eagle power or strong as an eagle’ and is associated with a German origin. Variants of Arnold are Arnoud and Arend. 


Brent is among the vintage boy names that seem to have their meanings derived from various sources. 

Its English origin is from Brent hill in England. Its Celtic origin meaning is ‘hill.’  

In medieval times people would be given last names to identify where they came from. Brent meant ‘lives near the burnt lands.’ 

If you’re looking for one-syllable retro boy names, this would be a good pick. 


Common in the 19th Century, the name Clarence is a name of Latin origin, which means ‘clear, luminous, and bright.’ Clarence is both unique and classy with a touch of royalty.

Should the gods bless you with fraternal twins, you can couple the name and call the girl Clarita, Clarissa, or Clara. 


One of my personal favorites, Conrad, is a fantastic name for boys that has grown increasingly rare. Conrad is a perfect name for a brave little boy that means ‘brave or counsel.’ 

Conrad is of German origin and was also the name of a popular saint in the 11th Century. It’s perfect or the parent who wants a two-syllable name for their little man. 

Classic Baby Boy Names With A Twist


Edmund is an old English name, which means ‘wealthy protector.’ Edmund is ideal for the parent seeking royal names for their little prince charming. 

The moniker is one of the oldest Anglo-Saxon names. Two kings of England have previously used it. 


All boys are little darlings, and what a better way to show this than to give them an ancient name that means just that – sweetheart. 

Darryl is a name of French origin and was very popular in the ’40s and ’50s. If it turns out that the ultra-sound was wrong and you have a little girl instead, adjusting it to Daryl will work out just fine.  


There are many reasons to love the moniker Donald as there are to dislike it. Of course, there’s the main man, Donald, who may have increased or reduced many parent’s love for the name depending on where you sit. 

Donald is a name of Gaelic origin, which means ‘great chief or renowned ruler.’ The name whose highest popularity was in the 30s has declined in popularity in the last decades. 

And it’s one of the vintage boy names with nicknames that sound better than the original – Don. 


As old as the scriptures, Eli is a timeless name. There’s everything to love about Eli. It’s short, it’s biblical, and it’s loaded with meaning. 

Eli is a Hebrew name that means ‘high or elevated.’ In the Bible, Eli was the prophet who taught Samuel how to hear the voice of God. 

If you, like me, find Elijah or Elisha too mainstream, Eli would be the perfect name. 

Old Boy Names You Don’t Hear Anymore


In the last couple of decades, there has been a general preference for short baby names. As a result, there have been several Freds and Ricks but few Fredericks. 

Frederick is a derivative of the German name Friedrich which means ‘peaceful ruler.’ It has cute nicknames too: Freddy or Freddie.


Glenn is a Gaelic name that means ‘Valley,’ and it can be spelled with a single ‘n.’

If you’re a lover of dancehall, you’ll remember the Jamaican Glen Washington, whose lyrics added color to many youth’s lives back in the day. 

Glenn was most popular in the 19th Century, and it’s worth making a comeback. 

Old Names For Boys That Are Cool


Who doesn’t love the perfect, imperfect Randall Pearson in This is us? The TV show may have popularized the name in this Century than anything else in the known world. Never mind that he was named after an author of a poetry book.

Randall is a derivative of the German name Randolf which means ‘shield.’ It is one of the vintage boy names that signify strength and protection. 

The moniker was most popular in the ’50s and is slowly gaining popularity. 


I only know one Thaddeus. The name that means ‘a gift from God’ or ‘a courageous heart’ surely deserves to be given to more baby boys. 

Thaddeus can be shortened to Thad for the parent who is looking for a single-syllable name. 


Norman is an old English name that means ‘man from the North.’ It is perfect for those who are seeking northern names for their little man. 

Norman once topped the charts as one of the most famous names in the early 1900s. It tops our charts as one of the coolest names to make a grand return.

Old Is Gold 

Modern names like Jayden and Trevor have taken center stage of baby naming for a while now. While there is nothing with these names, it’s time to consider adding a touch of the olden days to the scene.

This list of vintage boy names gives you a perfect head-start in your search for the most suitable name for your prince. 

Don’t be afraid to explore and give your boy a name that seems less conventional. It might be the one thing that sets him apart from the crowd.