Unique Boy Names That Start With B

The nursery rhymes told us ‘b is for boy’. And we believe them. If you’re searching for boy names that start with b, you’re in luck today.

I find the search for a name for your baby one of the most enjoyable things in pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with my boys, I’d always have numerous tabs opened on my phone or laptop – all of them were baby names websites.

Best Ways To Decide On A Name

After successfully naming three boys now, I have found a few ways that make the name search easier.

Knowing what you want is one of the surest ways to avoid wasting too much time. For instance, if your desire is baby boy names that start with b, do not do a general search for baby boy names.

Being specific narrows down your options and increases your chances of getting the perfect name.

If you only want one syllable boy names, specify that in your name search. This will make things a lot easier for you and you will get results that match your specifications faster.

Unusual Boy Names That Start With B

Here are is a list of uncommon boy names to for your little man.


This name is of Latin origin. In Latin, the name Bennet means ‘blessed’. Bennet is also a variant of Benedict or Benedictus which means ‘blessed’.


This African name of Swahili and Arabic origin. The moniker is growing in popularity around the world. Baraka means ‘blessings.

One of its variations is Barack which may explain its popularity in the recent past, thanks to Obama.


This name is ideal for the parents who are seeking a royal name for their little prince.

Barek is a kingly name of with Arabic roots that means ‘the noble one’. The moniker can be spelled as Barec as well as Bareck.


Bazan is associated with a Muslim background. This name is of Urdu origin, and it means ‘the companion of the prophet’.

Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and is also used in India and some other parts of the world.


This is a name of Scottish origin that means ‘dweller on the plain’. If you are seeking a strong country boy name, Blair is perfect. It’s also named after many places in Scotland.

Britain’s former prime minister, Tony Blair is among the popular people who are called Blair.

Male Names That Start With B


This is a Hebrew name that means ‘son of’. Ben is one of the simple, strong names for boys that start with b.

This mono-syllabic name is a diminutive of various names such as Benjamin, Benedict, or Benard.   


If you’re expecting an autumn baby when everything is brown, Bruno would be a perfect pick for you.

With German origins, Bruno is a masculine boy name that means ‘brown’.

If your bundle of joy is not arriving in November, you can still name the boy after Bruno Mars. Who doesn’t love Bruno Mars?


Briley is a good pick for the mommy who’s searching for a strong name for boys that starts with b. This name is of Irish origin, and it means ‘noble, strong’.

Is your little boy a survivor and you need a moniker that reminds him every day that he’s a warrior? Briley is your best pick.


Boaz is one of the biblical names that I find very adorable. With Hebrew roots, Boaz means ‘strength is within him’.

In the Bible Boaz was a man of noble character who was also Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer.

Boy Names Beginning With B


Brett is an English name that means ‘Breton or Briton’. This is in reference to the Celtic people of Britain and the Brittany of France.

If you watched Jane the Virgin and you were team Michael, you’ll be happy to know that his real name is Brett.


Sometimes, one wants a name that resonates with nature. If that’s you, Bradley will be a good pick. Bradley is a native English name. It’s a classic boys’ name that starts with a b.  

Bradley means’ broad clearing in the wood’. Who knows, you might be bringing forth a nature lover or environmentalist.


There was a time when newborn baby boys were either Brian or Jayden. The name Brian almost became generic.

And then almost everyone stopped calling their boys Brian. Now the name is making a grand comeback.

Brian is a beautiful name of English name that means ‘High, noble’.


Bellamy is a wonderful boy name that starts with a b meaning ‘the friend’.

It is unique and rare. It’s one of the three-syllable boy names that have a nice ring to it.

Do you have a friend you’d like to honour without necessarily taking up their name?

Well, use the name Bellamy for your little boy and make sure you let your friend know they were the inspiration. 

Boy Names That Start With The Letter B


Bora is a rare name that has origin in two different cultures. In Swahili, the name means ‘the best’. In Hungarian, the name means ‘stranger’.

With Bora, you pick the derivation you’d want to identify with.  


This name is a simple one-syllable boy name for the male child who is a strong survivor.

Bo is a name of Norse origin that comes from the nickname Bua which means ‘to live’.

Bo is also short for different names such as Bonnie and Beaufort. 

Spoilt For Choice

This list of boy names that start with b is by no means exhaustive. However, it’s a great guiding light for your name searching journey. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the carefully selected names and well-researched meanings.

Searching names and their meanings is a good way to decide on a name for your bundle of joy.

You do not want to be stuck with the name Ichabod as the name for your baby boy. Ichabod is a biblical name that means ‘the glory is gone.

Whichever way, choose the name that floats your boat, even Ichabod. As long as you know in advance that that’s what it means.