Magical, Whimsical Girl Names That Are Enchanting

Getting the right name for your baby girl can be challenging. Names inspired by magic, whimsy, and fairy tales are extraordinary and beautiful. If you would like to avoid the common names for your baby girl and go for something exceptional, here are some of my favorite whimsical girl names.

Magical girl names that are unique


This beautiful Hebrew name means springtime, dewy, and fresh. Since Brad and Angelina named one of their twins Aviva, the name has become popular.


Sweet and playful, this whimsical name for girls has English roots. It merely means bird, but it does roll off the tongue with ease. It’s quirky and unique, and it somehow feels vintage.

Whimsical girl names


Ember is the perfect definition of a whimsical girl name. It’s the beginning of a spark, the ideal name for a courageous girl. Ever noticed how some children seem to have so much audacity? Wouldn’t it be great if your daughter was as bold? Give her a push with this unusual baby girl name.


Unique, odd, unusual; does this sound like you? Well, Echo is one of those magical, whimsical baby names that you are unlikely to hear with another child in the playground.


Ancient Greek names are diverse and meaningful, and Pandora is one of them. Greek mythology described Pandora as the first woman who disobeyed the gods’ command by opening a box that released all kinds of evil into the world.

However, another version of the myth explains how the box released all sorts of good things in the world. When Christianity spread, the story was changed to reflect Eve’s story in the bible.


Mazarine is a pretty French name that means ‘a deep blue color.’ The name was anciently used to pay tribute to Cardinal Mazarine, who was very influential in the 17th century. Girls with this name can be nicknamed Maz or Mazzie. Mazarine is a great name to give your princess.

enchanting girl names

Whimsical girl names you will love


Are you looking for Christian baby girl names? Christabel is a perfect choice for parents who want biblical baby names. With Latin roots, the name means ‘beautiful Christian.’


Are you an adventurous person? If yes, Ondine is the perfect baby girl name. This beautiful French name means ‘wave of water.’ Ondine was a water goddess in Friedrich de la Motte’s folk tale.


Who wouldn’t like to give her princess a unique, beautiful name? Azalea is ideal if you are looking for girl names that start with A. This Greek baby girl’s name means ‘dry. A flower name.’ It’s meaning is dry because it blooms in dry soil, which is very strong of the flower.


An unusual Irish name that means ‘leaping water’ or ‘a lady of abundance.’ Baby girl names that start with T are hard to come by, which is an excellent pick for your daughter.


Ozma is a literary invented name for a girl. This unique girl’s name first appeared in L. Frank Baum’s book. The leading character was called princess Ozma.


Atalanta is a beautiful, whimsical baby girl name that originated from the ancient Greek. Atalanta was a Greek mythological maiden, who refused to marry any man who couldn’t outrun her in a footrace.

Adorable, magical and enchanting girl names


If you are looking for a strong Hebrew Christian name, Ariel is the perfect name for your baby girl, meaning ‘a lion of God.’ Ariel was a messenger of Ezra in the bible.

These enchanting baby girl names were used to symbolize the city of Jerusalem. The name gained popularity in 1989 when Disney released The Little Mermaid script.

Magical, Whimsical, Enchanting, Fairy-Inspired Baby Girl Names


This Latin moniker means ‘ancient.’ Cilla is a short form of Priscilla. You only remove ‘Pris’ from the word Priscilla.


Just like the gem, Ruby is a whimsical girl names meaning ‘sparkle.’ This is a name your girl will be proud of from birth to adulthood. And if you are looking for a four-letter girl names, this is your ideal pick.


Just like a fairy, this is a musical Persian girl’s name perfect for your little girl. If you love musical baby girl names, look no further.


What’s more beautiful than such a soft baby name? Much less popular than the been there, done that Rose, Rosie is more playful and cute.


More of a gender-neutral kind-of-name, Skyler can be used as a magical name for females, especially if you are picking a name without knowing your little one’s gender. Sky, Skye are some of the good nicknames that go with this name.