Beautiful Greek Girl Names That You Will Love

Greek girl names are some of the coolest vintage names you will find.

If you are looking for a name from the cradle of western civilization, you are in the right place. Many parents have adopted the ancient monikers that were once on the verge of extinction.

There are many reasons to love Greek names. Maybe you just love the characters in Shakespeare’s books? Or the rich history and culture of the Greeks intrigue you.

If you find yourself preferring old girl names like Phoebe and Sophia over modern English girl names like Sharon and Claire, you’re in the right place.

From Cressida to Medusa, female Greek names are rich in history and flavor. Sample these and fall in love with the culture and the language of the Greek.  


Uncommon Ancient Greek girl names


Aleka is a derivative of Alexandra, which means ‘defender of mankind.’  Aleka is a beautiful three-syllable girl’s name that is easy to pronounce and write.


Aglaia is a Greek moniker that means ‘beauty and splendor.’ Aglea is a derivative of the name Aglaia and is a good substitute if you don’t fancy Aglaia.


This name means ‘hope’ in Greek. It’s a beautiful name for the parent who wants virtue baby names in Greek.

Babies born at this time when the world is battling the worst pandemic it has seen in years would be best suited to be given this name.

The world will always need hope. Let your child bear a name that reminds them of it.


This name is derived from a Greek word that means ‘good, kind, noble.’  Agafia can also be spelled as Agafya or Agafiya.

Other names that are close in meaning to Agafia are Agata, Agatha, and Agda. All these mean ‘good-hearted.’

If you were looking for a name that means ‘good-hearted’ or something close, you are spoilt for choice.


This name is pronounced as ‘AY-leen’ or ‘I-leen.’

Aileen is a modification of the Greek name Hellen. The meaning of Aileen is ‘sunlight or sun.’

Mystic Greek Baby Girl Names


Andrea is the feminine form of Andrew. The name Andrea means ‘Brave, courageous.’


Calla is pithy and classy. This name is a perfect choice for the mommy, searching for elegant two-syllable Greek baby girl’s names.

In Greek, the name Calla means ‘beautiful.’ What’s not to love about Calla?


Dorette is a variant of Dorothy. This name would be a substitute for the parent who may feel like Dorothy or Doreen is too generic. Dorette means’ gift of God’.


I went to school with an Eleanor, and I thought she had one of the cutest names.

In Greek, the name Eleanor means ‘shining bright, the bright one.’ The name has a variety of spellings, such as Ellinor and Elina or Elena.

And how cool is it to share a name with a former United States first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt? 


Penelope is ideal for the mommy, who wants a name that is more than two syllables. The moniker Penelope means ‘weaver.’   

Elina is a Spanish spelling, although it still means ‘Shining bright.’



Names derived from gemstones remain some of the most timeless names. Esmeralda is a Greek name derived from Emerald. The emerald represents heath and fertility.

In Greek, emerald is the gemstone of Venus, the goddess that spreads love and hope.

Greek Mythology Girl Names

Greek mythology was used to teach people hard-to-understand facts such as life, death, and natural calamities. The Greeks believed that gods and goddesses controlled nature.

Here are some names inspired by Greek mythology:


Gaia was the goddess of the earth and was considered the creator of the universe. The name Gaia means ‘earth mother.’

Gaia gives a conservation hint, and if you’re an environment enthusiast, you’ll want to adopt this one.


Phoebe is among the more familiar Greek baby girl names meaning ‘radiant, the shining one.’

In ancient Greek, Phoebe was a by-name of Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting. It’s the feminine version of the masculine name Phoebus which means ‘bright.’

Phoebe was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia.


In Greek mythology, Rhea was the mother of Olympian gods and goddesses. Rhea means ‘a flowing stream.’ She was the goddess of female fertility, motherhood, and generation.



Iris is a direct derivative of the Greek word, iris, which means ‘rainbow.’

In Greek Mythology, Iris was the goddess of the sea and sky. In addition, she was also the messenger of the Gods, and she rode on a multi-colored bridge.

This would be a perfect name for that rainbow baby.


The name Daphne has such a sweet ring to it. Daphne was the daughter of the river god Peneus. This name means ‘bay tree, or laurel tree or spring flower.’


It will not do Greek girl names justice if we do not mention Athena. Even the Greek city, Athens borrows its name from Anthena.

The name Athena is unique and simple to pronounce. Athena was the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.

It’s a beautiful name for a strong girl.


Doesn’t the name Cassandra bring a smile to your lips?Above all, the moniker sounds so sassy and chic.

Cassandra was a Trojan princess who was named prophetess who would never be believed. Despite the not-so-palatable spell, Cassandra means ‘helper of men.’


Atlanta is just not a city in the USA; it is also the name of a titan who refused to marry the men she defeated in races. Atlanta signifies determination and strength.  

For parents that love geographical baby names, Atlanta is such a perfect fit.


The moniker has several alternative spellings, such as Danay, Danai, and Denae.  Danae means ‘bright judge.’ She was a stunning goddess.


I love how different Melaina is from the usual, widely known Melanie.  Melaina was a name for a nymph in Greek mythology, and her name means ‘dark, black.’

In Conclusion

Greek girl names have an authentic ring to them that makes them very exceptional. Whether it’s for the rich culture or the intriguing myths, there are enough reasons to fall in love with Greek heritage and names.