Tough Badass Boy Names With Their Meanings

Are you expecting a baby boy and are searching for some badass boy names for your little man? Well, this list is dedicated to the mom who’s looking for a name that’s bold and italicized;nothing regular.

Sometimes, you may want to pass over the generic names and get a name that will have heads turning at the kindergarten registration desk.  

Today’s parents are getting bolder with the naming of their babies. Some want names from specific cultures; others wish for names with spiritual meaning, while others are very particular about a specific first initial.

Every mother who has a son wants to bring up a boy who’s respected and strong. To be badass is to be the macho guy who makes people stop and listen. Sometimes, that starts with the name. 

His Name Is My Name Too!

There’s a song in my babies’ nursery rhymes collection that goes something like, “John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt, His name is my name too…

Well, I presume you’d like to avoid a ‘his name is my name too’ situation with your child. Badass boy names also tend to be rare and spread out. And they have the swagger of a modern mommy who took her time to choose.  

Unique Badass Boy Names


Azizis derived from the Arabic word Azza which means ‘to be powerful and cherished.’ Aziz means ‘powerful, revered.’


Greek mythology names have a swagger that has lasted centuries. Apollo is a Greek name that means ‘destroyer.’ Apollo was the god of prophecy, medicine, music, art, law, beauty, and wisdom.


This name is also a Greek name that means ‘to tame’ to subdue.’ Doesn’t Damon feel like a charmer of sorts?

Matt Damon is one of the famous people who have popularized this same. If you loved Dexter the TV Show, this one will be a favorite for you.


Baby-names with X are cool and exceptional. Dexter is a Latin name that means ‘dexterous, main-handed.’


Blade fees like the guy everyone knows not to mess with. This moniker is both macho and intimidating. With German origins, the name means ‘Brave friend.’

From its meaning, it’s also that guy everybody wants in their corner.


There are several influential people named Boris. From Boris Kodjoe, the Austrian-German actor to Boris Johnson, the British Prime minister to Boris Yeltsin, the former Russian president.

Boris is one of the unique badass boy names in the name market. Is it even badass if it’s not German? Boris is a German origin name that means ‘battle, fighter, warrior.’


This name is short and sweet for the parent who wants a one-syllable name. Lex is a name of Greek origin that means ‘defender of men.’

Lex is a hip diminutive of Alexander and much less generic than Alex. What’s not to love about this one?

Badass Boy Names With Swagger


A real man is a little rough on the edges. And a name like Bronco adds to that rough edges vibe. Bronco is one of the badass boy names of Spanish origin. Bronco means’ rough, unbroken horse’.


If an army were to be formed to annihilate the current pandemic we are facing, its leader would be called Butch. Butch sounds lethal, bold, and undeterred.  

The name butch is an English name that means ‘strong, tough.’ It could also be a diminutive of Butcher, which means to slaughter.

You don’t want to be standing on the way of a little man called Butch.


With the moniker, Callan, strong as a rock, just got a new simile – tough as Callan. Callan is a Gaelic name that means battle or rock.


Alonso is a beautiful Spanish name for your little man that means ‘noble and ready for battle.’ Talk of being born with the fight gloves on. An Alonso will be the one ‘break a leg’ in all his endeavors.


For nature and animal lovers searching for badass baby boy names, the name Hawk is an excellent choice. A hawk is a majestic bird that symbolizes strength, wisdom, and intuition.


This name is a whole personality and mood in itself. It’s rare and speaks of boldness and power. Blaze means ‘hot and strong.’

Blaze is a perfect masculine boy’s name to signify an individual who’s not quickly put down.

Awesome Badass Baby Boy Names


You’re not badass if you’re steady as a rock.  Rocco is a Spanish name that means ‘Rock, strong as a rock.’


To be badass is also not to be outfoxed in everything. For the loves of animals, this name is ideal.

A fox signifies wisdom and tact. Therefore, when you are a fox, you can maneuver even the trickiest of situations.

Jamie Fox is a celebrity who has given this badass baby name more swagger.


Doesn’t that name sound both fierce and majestic? Maverick is an American name that means ‘independent, nonconformist.’ A Maverick will not be your ‘yes, man.’


This is a Latin name that means ‘greatest.’ Max is short for Maxwell, meaning ‘great spring’ and Maximillian, which means ‘great.’

Love short and sweet baby boy names? Max is the ideal pick. Spice it up with Maximus or Maximo; all these are chic versions of the name Max.


In Greek mythology, Ajax was a powerful god who was gigantic. He was the strong and brave, second only to Achilles.

If you’re an enthusiast of Greek mythology, this name will fascinate you.


Wyatt is an English name that means ‘strong in battle. Furthermore, W names are unique, and what’s better than a badass boy name that starts with a w.


Thor must be the ultimate badass baby boy’s name which means’ Thunder’ in Greek.  He was the God of Thunder, strength, and rain.  This is also an ideal boy middle name for your little man.

In Conclusion

Badass baby names are daring and impossible to ignore. You will probably get lots of ‘Wow, that’s his name?”

If you plan to get your baby one of these names on our list, you can choose to go all out with names like Thor. Names like Baron, which means ‘son of strength,’ are milder.