Masculine Boy Names That Start With W

All the letters of the alphabet are equal. For some parents, though, one letter means so much more than the other. If w is that letter for you, here is your all-inclusive list of boy names that start with w.

From the common names like William and Walter that have been a favorite for centuries to more modern boy names such as West and Wyatt, W is a unique letter to have on your initials.

Your little champ will be quite exceptional for answering to a name that starts with w.

What’s In A Letter?

A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but there is a reason some people fancy daffodils. The reasons for choosing names with a specific first letter differ from parent to parent.  And there is no wrong reason.

One of the most important things to consider while choosing a name is the meaning. In some societies, the meaning of a name tells a lot about the person and their background.

Here are some unique names to dazzle people every time they ask, “What does your name mean?”

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Unique Boy Names That Start With W


Tracing its origin from England, Wyatt is a strong name for boys that means ‘brave warrior or strong/strong in war.’

Wyatt is perfect for the mommy looking for a name that signifies strength and bravery.


This is a wonderful name for the parents who love outdoors and nature. Warren is an old French name that means ‘keeper of the game reserve.’

The moniker also makes a great masculine middle name for boys.


If you love basketball, then you will love this name that has been made popular by the baller Dwayne Wade.

This name is Anglo-Saxon, whose original meaning is ‘at the river crossing.’


A rare boy’s name that means ‘man from the west.’ If your little boy has any associations with the west, this would be a good pick.

The name ‘Westin’ is of Anglo-Saxon origin extending to the Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Weston is a variant of the name Westin and can be a good substitute. If you get twin boys, you can spice things up and call them Westin and Weston.

West also makes an excellent nickname for the names Westin and Weston. It can also stand on its own as a given name.


Wilmer is a w name for boys of German origin that means ‘determined fame or strong desire.’ Wilmer is a derivative of William.

If you like the meaning but find William too mainstream, Wilmer is a good option.

Uncommon Baby Boy Names


Do you fancy Arabic names? Wahiba is a beautiful Arabic name that means ‘giver’ or ‘bestower, donor, generous giver.’ The name can also be shortened to Wahib.

Wahib can also be spelled as Waheeb.


Made famous by the footballer Theo Walcott, this name is one of the strong baby boy names that start with a w.


This is a classy and rare name of German origin. The name Willis means ‘resolute protector.’

Willis is a perfect choice as a shortened form of William.


If you’re looking for a three-syllable w boy names, then this would be a good choice.

Wassily is a Greek name that means ‘royal, kingly.’ And with a name like Wassily, your little prince will be the real prince charming.

Wassily is also a Sanskrit name that means ‘God of the night sky.’ You win on all angles with this name.

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One advantage of Arabic names is they are easy to pronounce and spell since they mostly just sound as they are written.

Wasim is one of them. This name means ‘handsome, graceful, good looking.’ It might go without saying that your boy is the fairest of them all, but it helps to remind everyone with a name like Wasim.


My heart would not be at peace if I didn’t include Wayne in this baby name list. Wayne is my firstborn son.

This is an English Christian name with different meanings. From wagon-maker, craftsman to Wagon driver.


Wynn is a boy’s name that is pronounced ‘win.’ This name is of Welsh origin, and its meaning is ‘friend.’ Old English also gives the meaning of Wynn as ‘fair, white, or blessed.’

Both meanings are ideal and can be adopted by the parent searching for boy names that start with w.

Rare Boy Names With Their Meanings


Wallace is a Scottish origin name that means ‘foreigner, stranger.’ Wallace has increased in popularity in the last decade.


Quranic names are not just a preserve for Muslims. Anyone can adopt a Quranic name as long as it conveys the meaning they want for their child.

Wael is one of such Quranic names, and it means ‘one who takes refuge.’


This moniker is a common boys’ name, although it has been adopted as a girl’s name as well. 

It is derived from two Old English words, ‘west’ and ‘Leah.’ Lēah means ‘wood clearing.’ Wesley, therefore, means ‘one who dwells near the wood clearing.’ 

Names that refer to nature or environmental connotations are a favorite of many parents today. If that’s you, Wesley would be a good pick.


Walter is one of the old boy names that start with w. Originating from Germany, Walter means ‘ruler of the army.’

For the parent that is seeking a name that symbolizes power and leadership, Walter would be ideal.


Maybe you are a fan of Wolves FC of you just love the wolf as your spirit animal. Whichever it is, choosing the name Wolfe for your child is exceptional.

The wolf is a symbol of royalty and guardianship. It is an excellent symbol for a strong boy.

Don’t Be In A Rush

Boy names that start with w are undoubtedly not in short supply. You can play with some of the names on this list and get their Anglicized or shortened versions.

A name is a lifetime affair; do not be in a rush to make your choice. Did you know in some cultures, babies stay nameless for a while as the parents decide on their name?

The Woodabe of Niger doesn’t name a child until their 12th birthday! There’s no rush!