How To Get Pregnant Fast And Easy-15 Tips That Work

The phrase ‘we’re trying for a baby’ can either be indicative of an exciting time or the most frustrating journeys. Often, you just want it to happen a little faster than it is taking. If that’s you and you’re wondering if there’s a way you can speed up the race to being a mommy (or mommy again), here’s how to get pregnant fast and easy.

So you have taken all the homemade pregnancy tests you know, and store-bought tests and all of them come back negative?

That single stripe is one of the most discouraging sights for a woman trying to get a baby. But hey, THAT SINGLE STRIPE DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. And it doesn’t mean there will never see double stripes.

I’ve been there, and I know how EXACTLY it feels. Here are some tips and tricks for your trying to conceive (TTC).

Tips to help you conceive faster

Making a baby is a tango – it takes two. Both you and your partner have to work together to make this baby a reality sooner.

Don’t sweat it

I can imagine the anxiety you may feel when you need to conceive faster. But stressing about it will make it much harder to get pregnant.

Do things that relax you and keep your mind as stress-free as you can.

Learn your menstrual cycle and when you’re most fertile

One of the secrets to easier and faster conception is knowing when you’re ovulating and then taking advantage of that exact time to try and make a baby.

Use an app or a calendar to track your cycle and know when you’re most fertile.

Adjust the weighing scales accordingly

Weight is a heavy matter where conception is concerned. Being either overweight or underweight are both dangerous extremes.

If you’re underweight, your body stops making estrogen. In turn, this makes your periods erratic and irregular period makes it harder to conceive.  

If you’re overweight according to your BMI, this is a wonderful time to shed off those pounds you have been meaning to lose for a couple of months. Losing as low as 5% of your total body weight will increase your chances of conceiving.

Do you smoke? It’s time to quit 

Smoking thins out the lining of your womb, making it harder to conceive and keep the pregnancy. Smoking will reduce your chances of conceiving both naturally and by IVF.

Quitting smoking increases your conception chances twice fold.

If your partner is also a smoker, you’ll need to get him onto the non-smoking bandwagon. Smoking in men compromises sperm’s DNA.

Ditch the bottle as well

You have to give up little pleasures for the ultimate pleasure. If you’re searching for how to get pregnant fast and easy, one of the things you have to give up is alcohol.

Alcohol affects ovulation. If ovulation is affected, conception becomes very difficult. Your partner should also stay away from alcohol for at least 6 months.

Eat well

Food plays a vital role in the conception journey. Be very deliberate about eating a balanced diet. The trick is to get your hormones working as they should and to enable ovulation.

A balanced diet made up of all the essential minerals and vitamins aids, conception, and implantation. Start eating well early, not the week before you start crossing your fingers, hoping the two stripes appear.

Take your supplements in advance

Did you think taking supplements is only useful after you have confirmed you’re pregnant? Well, some supplements will help you when trying to get pregnant. Talk to your doctor and get started on your folic acid and vitamins before you go for it.

Folic acid is vital for the baby’s development in the first weeks. It’s essential to start taking it before you get pregnant to facilitate a successful conception. It also reduces congenital disabilities, such as spina bifida.

Do not make love every day

I know it might sound like you’re supposed to go turbo mode between the sheets right now, but don’t. This is the time to have just enough intimacy, but don’t overdo it. This ensures your partner’s sperm count is optimal to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Don’t be in a hurry after the act of intimacy

This is not the time to rush straight to the bathroom. Take a moment and allow the little swimmers to arrive at their destination. Lying on the back and elevating the lower body is most recommended. Some people claim that helps, although there is no scientific backing to this claim.

Enjoy the big-o

If you’re going to make a baby, have fun while at it. Aiming to reach your peak increases your chances of getting pregnant. The big-o contracts the uterus, which helps in sucking the sperms up.

Rest well

Take time to sleep and rest. When your body is well-rested and relaxed, ovulation will occur.

Limit your exercising

You’re supposed to keep fit, but you should not strain your body. The fatigue can make it harder for you to get pregnant. Do simple exercises like yoga or brisk walks.

Stop following strict dieting

All the detoxing and strict diets may have been good for you, but this is not the time. Practice healthy eating and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Take care of the swimmers

This is a joint effort to get you in your maternity trousers sooner. Your partner should not do anything that will cause overheating around the testicles. Too much heat kills sperms. He should not place laptops or any other machine that heats up on his laps. 

Know when to get assistance

It’s a good thing to seek natural ways on how to get pregnant fast and easy. However, know when to talk to your doctor for assistance.

If you seem to try and it’s not happening as fast as you thought despite observing all possible instructions, you can choose to take fertility medicine. There is no shame in that.

Curing the baby fever

When the baby fever has started, everything baby makes your ovaries shift a little. It doesn’t help that sometimes the body hasn’t received the memo and needs to be jump-started. Try these tips on how to get pregnant fast and easy, and get that elusive positive.

A healthy body is an investment and not just because you’re trying to get pregnant. A healthy body paves the way for a productive mind and energetic days. If you’re planning to get pregnant, it’s even more critical that you are at your optimal health.