What To Do When Pregnant And Bored At Home

What do you do when you’re pregnant, and the world seems to be at a standstill? I got pregnant immediately after college.

While all my friends were getting new jobs and starting careers, I was stuck at home pregnant.

I could not go out and start looking for a job with such a big belly. Who would even hire me?

I was lonely as I didn’t have anyone to compare notes with. If this is you and are wondering what to do when pregnant and bored at home, this article is for you.

I can see you holed up in your house, scrolling through appalling news on your news feed. The boredom is so loud you can hear the clock ticking in slow motion.

You rub your belly instinctively, absent-mindedly. Your back is killing you, and if you sit through another episode of Finding Dora, your brains will blow up.

Take a deep breath and grab a drink of your favorite natural juice. It’s time to reignite the days’ excitement with a variety of games, activities, and exercises to keep you and your baby healthy.

Enjoy this phase of your life

Staying all day indoors may start to feel like the walls are closing in on you. Sitting down the whole day is neither healthy nor recommended.

Instead of counting grains of rice and match-sticks, keep your brain active and your muscles useful with these fun activities.

Creative Things To Do While Pregnant

The activities you can get yourself involved in will largely depend on how far along you are.

If you’re having a high-risk pregnancy or have been advised to take bed rest, get clearance from your doctor on how much you can or shouldn’t do.

Give yourself a spa treatment

Pregnancy comes with so many activities to do and so little energy to do them. Shopping and antenatal clinics, nausea, mood swings, a job, and maybe an entitled toddler.

Before you know it, your hair is like an unkempt komondor, and your toes are overgrown. Honestly, you don’t mind the toes since you can’t see them anyway.

Even if the look on the mirror is not entirely depressing, you can lift your spirits by pampering yourself a little. Or a lot.

Take out the face mask from your cabinet and get it on. As your mask dries, sit by the bathtub and fill it with warm water.

Add some essential oil and the only babble bath scent that isn’t nauseating you. Then dip yourself in and zone out.    

Arrange to get a massage and foot scrub and rub from your partner. If he’s not available, a house call for a masseuse would be ideal.

You’ll be surprised at how rejuvenated you feel afterward. Just remember to lock the bathroom door and let everyone know you’re having a ‘me-time.’


DIY decorate the nursery

Your nesting is in turbo mode now; you can put those energies into decorating the nursery yourself. If you have not bought anything you need, don’t worry.

You don’t have to do it all in one day. If you stretch it out, you’ll have been less tired and have more days to fill.

You can use this time to dust cabinets and re-arrange the baby closets. It’s an excellent time to decide what goes where without pressure.

If you decide to paint, use a water-based paint with no volatile organic compounds. Also, avoid climbing ladders. Instead, use a long roller brush that reaches to the roof with ease.

Get everyone around you to help. You will bond as a family as you save on interior designers’ fees. 

Do home exercises

One of the answers to what to do when pregnant and bored at home is physical exercise. Get those endorphins coming with some easy and relaxing exercises.

Dancing to Zumba or some other fitness music is a good starting point. There’s something about dance that gets you in a high mood regardless of what you were feeling beforehand.

Put on some comfortable shoes and exercising outfit and shake the boredom away.

If you have an app that can help with safe exercises, use it.  Furthermore, Yoga is also a good exercise to keep your mind at peace. Invest in a good mat and some candles.

Exercises in pregnancy help with alleviating back pain and improving your posture. You’ll also be relieving stress and gaining stamina for delivery.

Search for baby names

Haven’t settled for a baby name yet? Now is the perfect time to hunt for baby names for your little one. Are you interested in vintage baby names or do you want something unusual but not weird?

Research the meanings of the baby names you pick and talk with your partner so you both agree on a good baby name.

Read books

Do you see that book that has been gathering dust in the study room shelf? It’s an excellent time to dust it and read beyond the preamble.

Reading is spoken highly of, but getting the time to read is a mountain for many moms. Jog your pregnancy brain with a good book. It doesn’t have to be a pregnancy book.  

If you feel you are constipated with pregnancy information, grab a book that’s just interesting to read.

Remember to sit on a comfortable chair and keep your legs elevated for proper blood circulation. Reward yourself with that hot chocolate or the pickles you have been craving and peruse away.

Learn a new skill

During my second pregnancy, I learned how to crochet a mat. That mat was like my physical baby while the other baby was baking inside.

I found it very therapeutic to make a mat. I didn’t finish it eventually, but I haven’t forgotten how to crotchet.

Is there a skill you’ve always wanted to acquire? This would be a good time. Make Google your friend and learn how to play an instrument, play a game, or cook a new recipe every day.  

Get up

Now you know what to do when pregnant and bored at home. The most important thing you’ll do is to get up. Walk around the house, and your hands will find something to do.

Avoid flipping channels, scrolling through various social media sites, or perusing a magazine. Get involved in an activity that improves your body, mind, or your soul.


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