15 Super Rare Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Have you heard someone say, “I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 10 weeks along!” There are some sure tell-tale signs that you’re with child – a missed period, morning sickness, or the two lines on the pee stick. But sometimes, you feel weird for a while before you finally go, “Aha! That’s what’s going on!” Well, here are some rare early pregnancy symptoms that may tell you that you can start ironing the maternity dresses. 

Very Rare Signs Of Pregnancy

I’m one of those mommies who can tell I’m pregnant by the second day; my body betrays the surprise every time. And my periods are like clockwork. If I miss them, I know one swimmer got lucky. 

But you can also tell if you’re pregnant if you experience any of the following.  

Now you’re sleepy; now you’re not 

Early pregnancy can cause you to be extremely sluggish most of the time. Early pregnancy sometimes gives you the urge to snuggle up in your blankets and catch some shut-eye in some weirdest times of the day. 

On the flipside is losing sleep at the most annoying times. If you can’t get the sleep to come even after counting 1000 sheep, you could be pregnant.

A running tummy or you just can’t go.  

Your bowels could be telling you something, but you’re just not listening. Sometimes the upsurge of hormones in early pregnancy could slow down your metabolism leading to constipation. 

The hormonal changes could also cause diarrhea. The first signs of pregnancy do have a sense of humor. 

Let me tell you about my dream.

You previously couldn’t remember anything in the morning, but now you can retell your dreams to the finest detail? Vivid dreams have been known to be one of the early signs of pregnancy. And they can get absurd too. 

The earth is spinning faster. 

Remember Jane from Jane the virgin fainting on the bus? It turns out she was pregnant and clueless. Most people will get tested because they suddenly felt faint and had to get a check-up.

Early pregnancy can cause light-headedness due to low blood sugar or increased blood volume. If the dizziness is accompanied by bleeding, blurred vision, or intense headaches, you need to get a check-up immediately. 

Libido is not what it was.

One of the rare early pregnancy symptoms is a change in your libido. Some women will not want to have sex at all, while others are insatiable. The sexual drive changes throughout the pregnancy, increasing for some while declining for some.  

Ouch, the cramps!

The implantation of the fertilized egg may cause some stomach cramps and abdominal discomfort. Having abdominal cramps akin to period pain despite missing your periods is a tell-tale sign of early pregnancy. 

What’s that taste? 

Your taste preferences will change a lot during pregnancy. Feeling like you have silver coins in your mouth is one of the early signs of pregnancy that are rare and a little weird.  

Aches here and there.

Early pregnancy will have your body aching in various places. Some women experience headaches caused by hormonal imbalance. For some, there may be back pain ache, while still others may feel some joint pains. 

Getting the sniffles.

Weird as it may sound, early pregnancy may cause you to have the sniffles. This is called pregnancy rhinitis, and it causes your nose to be stuffy due to hormonal changes. 

Nose bleeding. 

You may have never nose bled a day in your life, and suddenly, you have a bloodied nose. Blood vessels may break due to a dry nose. If you already have nasal congestion or a running nose, this may be made worse by blowing your nose a little too hard. Use a humidifier and blow your nose very gently if you need to. 

Emotional roller coaster.

Early pregnancy will have you feeling like you are suddenly bipolar. You’re elated one moment, and then you’re bawling your eyes out the next. This may go on throughout the pregnancy. As usual, blame the hormones. 

Where’s the bathroom…again? 

Most people assume the urge to pee often happens later in the pregnancy when the baby begins to press on the bladder. In rare cases, though, the frequent urination starts a little earlier in the pregnancy. 

Is it hot in here? 

Does it suddenly feel like you’ve hit menopause, and the hot-flushes have arrived in full combat mode? Well, it turns out that’s one of the rare early pregnancy symptoms. 

To keep hydrated and feeling cooler, drink plenty of water and dress light. Also, turn on the fan or the Air Conditioning. 

Increased vaginal discharge

Usually, women will experience vaginal discharge at some point on the menstrual cycle. In early pregnancy, though, some women experience a more-than-normal discharge. It could also be different in color and consistency. 

If the discharge is green or smelly, you should call your gynecologist. Use a panty liner to stay dry and to protect your inner wear. 

Oh, my boobs!

Usually, the breast’s become tender during ovulation, and that’s why it’s possible to dismiss this as a sign of pregnancy. However, sometimes the boobs can also be quite tender and painful early pregnancy. 

The nipples may become extra sensitive, and the areola may turn darker than usual. In some women, they become venous as well.

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Take away

Maybe you are a first-time mom, and you don’t know what it feels like to be pregnant. Or you hadn’t exactly planned for this one, so you aren’t expecting any surprises. If you experience any of the rare early pregnancy symptoms, get tested to be sure. 

Some of these symptoms may present as a common illness. Don’t be quick to take drugs for anything unless you have been tested, and your doctor approves it. Some medicines may be harmful in early gestation. 

You could have been trying for a baby for a while, or it’s an ‘oops’ baby situation, whichever way, get ready to enjoy the ride to becoming a mommy.