Adorable Middle Names For Lucy You Will Love

Choosing a middle name for Lucy may even be harder than the first name search was. There are many factors to consider when choosing names that go with Lucy, and you may need to ask yourself why or what to follow.

The Significance Of A Middle Name

A child’s name is their identity, and they will use it forever. Their name gives them strength and a sense of confidence. People react differently to names, and it is up to you as the parent to pick the most elegant middle name for your daughter.

We give middle names for various reasons. It may be to honor a family member as part of a religion, romantic period, time, or place in your life or just for uniqueness. It’s also common to find mothers giving their daughters their maiden name as a middle name. This manner of choosing a name is usually a great way to carry on a family’s legacy.

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Sometimes a middle name can be a compromise between parents who will not agree on one first name or both of you had several names you liked to give your child.

Modern moms may also love to give their daughters a celebrity’s name as a middle name. Celebrities are known for giving their children fascinating names, and as much as most middle names are traditional, an intriguing name is also an option.

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Origin Of Middle Names

Middle names first appeared in the mid-1800s and were still not popular in the 1900s. The Romans, especially prominent people, were among the first people to have multiple names.

In modern times, the way we form our middle names is recorded as having begun in the middle ages with Europeans torn between giving their children a family name or that of a saint. They chose both, and finally, the middle name traditional spread all over the world.

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Origin and Meaning Of The Name Lucy

According to Nameberry, the name Lucy has both English and Latin origins, and it means “light.” Lucy is an adorable, popular, and all-time favorite name of English origin. It was once commonly given to baby girls born at daylight.  Nicknames for Lucy are Lucie, Lucia, Luce or Luci. Some people call them variations in spelling for Lucy.

Lucy is traditionally given as a stand-alone name, just like Mary. It is not a short name for something else. And even if it was ever a nickname, I do not think that is the case today. Lucy is a name that can go on official documents.

How To Pick The Right Middle Name For Lucy

Ensure the initials spell out right

Before making your final decision on a baby name, please write out the initials down. Make sure they don’t sound off or worse, end up as swear words or worse.  Sometimes, children will later in life want to use their initials as their name. Here are some initials you may want to avoid for obvious reasons.

  • Andrew Smith Simon
  • Sally Edith Xamira

The initials for the above names aren’t one of the best. You want to keep off anything even close to that.

Get the meaning and origins right

Often, we pick a middle baby name because of what we associate it with, its origins or meaning. Some people may prefer names that represent a particular ethnicity, culture, or place. Others will go for names that have historical associations.

You may want to carefully analyze the meaning of the moniker you are interested in, especially if you are giving your child a name associated with a historical figure. Carefully check their contributions to the world and make your decision based on that. You don’t want to name your child Adolf Hitler, or would you?

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Availability of the name

Sharing middle names with your cousins or friends is not bad at all. Actually, in a family, people will have similar names. However, if you can, pick a name that is not yet claimed in your close circle.  This way, your child will have a unique middle girl’s name that will be the envy of your friends and family.

A girl with scottish baby girl names

Does the middle name fit with the first name?

Be careful not to end up with sloppy or silly-sounding names when said out loud. Say out the name aloud. You can also ask your friends or family how it sounds and be keen on their reaction. Middle names that are well-chosen will roll off the tongue nicely and have flow. (Think: Lucy Cara, Lucy Kate.) I believe all the middle names on this list have a nice flow and rhyme.

Are you evening out the first name?

Sometimes, parents will go all out on the first name. You may have veered off the convectional way of baby-naming in your culture. You want to balance this out by giving your little one a more common middle name. With different names, your child will be able to take up the other name later in life should they choose to.

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Uncommon Middle Names For Lucy

Most names that go with Lucy are usually classics and play a significant role in our lives.

Here are some of the middle names suggestions that will go well with Lucy:

  1. Lucy Adelaide
  2. Lucy Alice
  3. Lucy Adeline
  4. Lucy Alison
  5. Lucy Amelia
  6. Lucy Amber
  7. Lucy Anne
  8. Lucy Anissa
  9. Lucy Annabelle
  10. Lucy Antonia
  11. Lucy Anastasia
  12. Lucy Aria
  13. Lucy Ariel
  14. Lucy Autumn
  15. Lucy Ava
  16. Lucy Beryl
  17. Lucy Beth
  18. Lucy Blair
  19. Lucy Bridget
  20. Lucy Brielle
  21. Lucy Catherine
  22. Lucy Cara
  23. Lucy Carla
  24. Lucy Carolina
  25. Lucy Celeste
  26. Lucy Cecilia
  27. Lucy Charlotte
  28. Lucy Charmaine
  29. Lucy Clare
  30. Lucy Clementine
  31. Lucy Cordelia
  32. Lucy Corrine
  33. Lucy Dahlia
  34. Lucy Dawn
  35. Lucy Edith
  36. Lucy Elise
  37. Lucy Elizabeth
  38. Lucy Ellen
  39. Lucy Ember
  40. Lucy Esme
  41. Lucy Estelle
  42. Lucy Evangeline
  43. Lucy Estrella
  44. Lucy Faye
  45. Lucy Fern
  46. Lucy Frances
  47. Lucy Francine
  48. Lucy Freya
  49. Lucy Faye
  50. Lucy Faith
  51. Lucy Gabrielle
  52. Lucy Giana
  53. Lucy Giovanna
  54. Lucy Grace
  55. Lucy Harper
  56. Lucy Harriet
  57. Lucy Hermione
  58. Lucy Hope
  59. Lucy Isobel
  60. Lucy Irene
  61. Lucy Jayne
  62. Lucy Jackline
  63. Lucy Jean
  64. Lucy Jeannine
  65. Lucy Jemma
  66. Lucy Jolie
  67. Lucy Jordan
  68. Lucy Jordyn
  69. Lucy Joy
  70. Lucy Juliana
  71. Lucy Juniper
  72. Lucy Kate
  73. Lucy Kendall
  74. Lucy Kiah
  75. Lucy Kimberly
  76. Lucy Lorraine
  77. Lucy Louise
  78. Lucy Mack
  79. Lucy Madeleine
  80. Lucy Madison
  81. Lucy Mae
  82. Lucy Matilda
  83. Lucy May
  84. Lucy Marrone
  85. Lucy Megan
  86. Lucy Natalis
  87. Lucy Nicole
  88. Lucy Oakley
  89. Lucy Olive
  90. Lucy Opal
  91. Lucy Paige
  92. Lucy Rae
  93. Lucy Rebecca
  94. Lucy Reyna
  95. Lucy Rhiannon
  96. Lucy Rose
  97. Lucy Rylee
  98. Lucy Sage
  99. Lucy Sienna
  100. Lucy Skye
  101. Lucy Skylar
  102. Lucy Sloan
  103. Lucy Sophia
  104. Lucy Susan
  105. Lucy Sheridan
  106. Lucy Tess
  107. Lucy Violet
  108. Lucy Victoria
  109. Lucy Vivienne
  110. Lucy Willow
  111. Lucy Zara


Choosing the best middle names for Lucy may be a major obsession for most of us mothers. Do not worry; the name you settle on will be the perfect one for your daughter. You chose it with love, and she will enjoy sharing it with the rest of the world.


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