Fierce Tough Girl Names That You Will Love

We are in a new age. Women are independent. They are fierce. Women are strong-willed. A woman will get what they want, no matter what. Nothing you say will stop a strong independent woman. And what better way to have these traits instilled into your little girl than right from birth with badass girl names?

Moreover, understanding that a rare but strong girl name will help build her confidence and have her stand out among her peers is important. Furthermore, giving your little girl a badass name does not mean they will grow up into a wild evil child.

Here are some fierce girl names that will inspire her to achieve incredible things in her life.

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With Hebrew origins, Adira has been adopted across the world. Adira means ‘Strong, powerful and noble.’ It is a majestic name for your baby, and she will love it.


From Greek mythology, Aella depicts an Amazonian warrior who wielded a double-edged sword. It is a powerful girl’s name for your little princess.

The moniker means ‘whirlwind,’ a fiery name that will showcase the energy your baby has. This is a rare and unique name to consider either as a first or middle name.


Inspired by the Celtic God of the Sun, Aodh, Aiden is one of those rare badass girl names that are unisex and means ‘little and fiery.’ With Irish origins, your girl will rock this strong name with pride.


Alanis is an unusual badass girl names that means ‘precious, awakening.’ It is a perfect moniker for your cute girl with Polynesian origins.

Since its debut in 1910, the moniker continues to rise in popularity with the name topping baby name charts in 2014.


Aurora is a fiery name that means Goddess of Dawn. In addition, the moniker is used to refer to the Northern Lights Phenomena. With a similar sound to Aria or Aurelia, Aurora makes a perfect choice for your baby’s name.

This Aurora name has classic nicknames like Rory, Aura, or Aura. Do you want to build your daughter’s confidence and help them shine later in life? Why not try this pretty moniker?


Derived from the Latin name Beatrice, Beatrix is a joy bringer. Other names for Beatrix are Beatriz, Beata, Beate, and Bea.

With unique nicknames such as Trixie and Bea, this is a name you should consider. The moniker will help bring out stunning confidence in your baby girl.


Meaning a thorny bush, it is one of the badass names for girls that reference a Briar Rose. The rose symbolizes your princess as she is encased in a castle surrounded by Briar.

The name will help bring out the resilient character in your baby girl. We all want a baby girl this strong enough. Briar is a sure bet to achieve this.


Crimson means deep red.  It is a name that shows a deep love for people. Girls named Crimson are known to be independent, strong-willed, and make good leaders. It is a badass name to consider for your little girl.



Derived from the name Damaris, Damara means gentle, to tame. It is a unique, fierce name that your little one will love. Besides, I think it would make an uncommon middle name for girls.


Elektra is an exciting baby name that means shining bright. It is a moniker that will bring out your girl’s confidence that everyone will love.

The name has several variants that you can play around with and have fun. They are Ela, Elka, Elke, Elek, and Elektrine.


Meaning a fair warrior, the name has Scottish origins. We all want our girls to be warriors and make the world know they can’t mess with them.


It is a Latin moniker meaning jewel, precious stone. With its powerful meaning, you will have a confident and outstanding girl. Growing up, my best friend was called Gemma. Sad that we all mature, and our paths lead us in different directions.


Harriet is the English version of the name Henriette which means a home ruler. We all want our babies to be in control of their homes when the time comes and what better name to give to your girl.

It is one of the badass female names that parents love because it has a choice of good nicknames.You have a wide range of nicknames to choose from, such as Hattie, Hatty, Hettie, and Etta.


Hera is a fierce girl name meaning Queen, the goddess of marriage in Latin. Your little girl deserves a name that brings out her queen’s personality. The best way to achieve this is to name her Hera.


Fierce girl names


Can it get more badass than this? Two tots of tequila and some lemon wedges, anyone? Tequila is a Spanish liquor made from the agave plant. Do you know what happens when you take several shots of tequila?

You show your fierce personality. This is the name you want to give your little one so that her real strong side is felt immediately; she utters her name.


My elder sister’s name is Nancy. And girl; she’s a real badass. With Hebrew and French origins, the moniker means “grace.”


Nikita means unconquered. It is a Russian name derived from the Greek name Niketas. From the famous series Nikita we see a bold and ‘unconquered lady.’

The majority of the ladies called Nikita are known to be intelligent, very beautiful, and smart. If you are looking for a compassionate friend, Nikita is all you need.  


Girls named Sadie have a happy personality; they enjoy life and love being surrounded by the people they love. Sadie means princess. Originally, Sadie was a nickname for the name Sarah. With time it has become one popular and fashionable badass girl names.


Meaning’ strength, health’. It is a name derived from a French moniker, Valeria. This name associated with boldness, a character that you will love to see in your daughter. Valarie is an old baby girl name that has made a comeback in recent years.


There’s so much in a name. The above badass girl names should not limit you in choosing a suitable name for your daughter(s). Watching your baby grow to become a strong-willed, confident, and a happy lady will make you proud of the choices you made.


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